Catholic Charities Annual Fall Giving Campaign 2018

Help the next generation of social service providers in our Inland Counties.

We recognize there will be an ongoing need for educated and trained social workers and other helping professionals to fight poverty well into the future. Catholic Charities addresses this need through Higher Education Student Investment Initiatives.


I really like how united all of the social workers were in the way that we saw what Catholic Charities did and how Catholic Charities serves the community. It brought us to why we became social workers in the first place. If I had not been a part of the social work fellowship program, I don’t think would have taken the full grasp of what our needs are in our community of San Bernardino.”

Catholic Charities Higher Education Student Investment Initiatives:

Non-Profit Social Work Fellowship Program

In partnership with CSUSB, we accept four Social Work graduate students each year and provide 50% tuition scholarships, senior staff mentorship, and 60 hours of direct exposure to the mission, operations, and programs of Catholic Charities.

“Providing Help, Creating Hope” Community College Scholarships

Catholic Charities provides a $500 scholarship to a selected student at each of the twelve community colleges in our region. All selected students have financial need and are studying to work in a human service field upon graduation or after earning a four-year degree.

Internships & Field Placements

Field experience and training is an ideal way to inspire and develop the social service providers of tomorrow. Catholic Charities grants a number of graduate, undergraduate, and community college students the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, values, and skills necessary to work in a non-profit setting while acquiring school credit.

Unite with us in continuing this work as we ask you to help us help others.

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