Board of Directors

  • Donald Averill, Ed.D

  • Fr. Manny Cardoza

  • Candace Heaton

  • Timothy Jenkins, MD

  • John Kosta

  • Gerardo Lopez

  • Javier Lopez

  • Jorge Montenegro

  • Sergio Nunez

  • Sr. Patricia Phillips

  • Cynthia Ronquillo-Francisco

  • Kelly Schlegel

  • William Schlegel

  • Teresa Seipel

  • Hon. Mary Swanson

  • Mary Swanson

The general role of the Board of Directors is to promote and support the work of Catholic Charities.

The Board of Directors meet four (4) times annually, and Board Committees meet frequently throughout the year to accomplish their goals.

Primary duties of the Board of Directors include governing, monitoring, policy development and planning, financial support, evaluation of CEO, participation on committees, and representing Catholic Charities in personal and professional arenas.