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Catholic Charities is dedicated to providing help and creating hope for individuals and families, regardless of their background or religious affiliation, during times of unexpected personal or financial crises. The multifaceted nature of these challenges requires a wide spectrum of interventions and services. We play a pivotal role in helping families restore their stability by offering essential social services and facilitating access to additional community resources, enabling them to transcend their crises and embark on a path towards a brighter future.

Over the past year…





In Communities


20,107 received food assistance

2,914 assisted with Homeless prevention services

2,639 received Teletherapy support

3,971 Utility Assistance

856 Legal Case Consultation

272 received burial assistance

Our Reach

A significant factor that shapes our uniqueness is that San Bernardino and Riverside Counties are two of the largest counties by area in the United States, encompassing over 27,000 square miles with more than 4 million residents. Our geographic region includes urban cities, extensive suburban developments, rural agricultural pockets, and tiny communities scattered throughout a very large unincorporated and isolated desert. Catholic Charities addresses this geographic challenge with a well-coordinated and complicated web of staff, services, and locations.

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