About Us

Action Statement

Catholic Charities provides compassionate social services that respond to the suffering of the vulnerable and those in crisis in our local communities.

Mission Statement

The mission of Catholic Charities is to provide services that impact family, neighborhood, and society so that lives are filled with hope.

Purpose Statement

We fight poverty and its consequences through crisis intervention services and by strengthening families resulting in new opportunities and changed futures.


Catholic Charities San Bernardino & Riverside Counties, established as a nonprofit organization in California in 1980, is deeply committed to its mission of alleviating suffering and supporting the underprivileged in our local communities. Operating under 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation status, our Articles of Incorporation distinctly outline our role in social welfare activities within San Bernardino and Riverside counties, welcoming individuals regardless of their religious affiliations.

As the Official Social Outreach Ministry of the Diocese of San Bernardino, Catholic Charities maintains a strong connection to the Catholic faith while operating as a distinct entity. We proudly carry the name and values of the Catholic faith, actively engaging with the community on behalf of the Bishop and the Diocese of San Bernardino.

Our dedication extends to all individuals in need, without discrimination based on religious beliefs. In collaboration with individuals, families, and communities, we advocate for their needs and champion their right to self-determination.

Our motto, ‘Providing Help, Creating Hope,’ underpins our comprehensive approach to crisis intervention services, which positively impacts thousands of adults, children, and seniors each year. Our overarching objective is to assist individuals and families in distress by timely intervention, addressing their urgent financial, social, emotional, and physical needs. This support enables them to regain stability in the aftermath of a crisis, empowering them to move forward in their lives.

Catholic Charities is locally renowned for its unwavering commitment to this critical mission. We are deeply dedicated to struggling families and uphold the highest standards of accountability, trustworthiness, and resourcefulness.

At Catholic Charities, we unite individuals of goodwill to combat poverty and fortify families. We firmly believe that strong, stable, and healthy families are the bedrock of resilient communities. Our role in the safety net is integral, preventing people from falling into utter destitution and providing a helping hand when life has dealt them a blow. We embrace our social responsibility to care for the marginalized, fostering an environment where they feel valued and respected. Our compassionate service to the poor and vulnerable epitomizes the essence of who we are in our Inland Counties.”

Providing Help, Creating Hope

Values & Uniqueness


A significant factor that shapes our uniqueness is that San Bernardino and Riverside Counties are two of the largest counties by area in the United States, encompassing over 27,000 square miles with more than 4 million residents. Our geographic region includes urban cities, extensive suburban developments, rural agricultural pockets, and tiny communities scattered throughout a very large unincorporated and isolated desert. Catholic Charities addresses this geographic challenge with a well-coordinated and complicated web of staff, services, and locations.

Array Of Services

Catholic Charities is quite unique in the broad range of services provided by one organization.  Most frequently, families come to us due to an unexpected personal or financial crisis and without the resources they need to resolve the crisis on their own.  Varying problems require varying solutions, and therefore require a broad range of interventions and services. Catholic Charities assists families to regain their stability by providing the vitally necessary social services and by increasing access to other services that may available in the community, so families may move beyond the crisis and forward with their lives.


Catholic Charities staff is as diverse as the community it serves in every way.  Our staff is exceptional and bonded by an eagerness to share with others whatever each has to bring to the table based on their education, personal experience, and specific training. Those employed at Catholic Charities readily accept that our work is not just a job – it is a mission.  Our culture of kindness and service is the backbone of who we are and what we are able to accomplish in the community.