Over the past 35 years, Catholic Charities has established positive and long-standing partnerships with other organizations, agencies, funding sources, and service providers throughout the Inland Counties.  These countless partnerships and collaborations include public agencies, other non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, foundations, hospitals & clinics, school districts, business, civic & community groups, churches and others that support our work.  These relationships make it possible for us to provide the best and most efficient services to the families we help.  Catholic Charities knows well the value and importance of community partnerships.

Volunteers are also key to many of our accomplishments.  Community events, certain programs, and targeted projects initiated by Catholic Charities are completely dependent on volunteer support.  Volunteers also spread the word in the community about the great work of Catholic Charities.  Our organization regularly relies on the involvement of a pool of over 250 volunteers each year – ballooning to well over 500 as needed.

In-Kind support from the community is also critical to efficient service delivery.  This includes service sites for which we do not have to pay rent, arrangements with local businesses, non-cash corporate support, donations of items that benefit our families, and food for distribution.