Catholic Charities is committed to providing vitally necessary social services that increase the stability, health, and safety of the families we assist.   Our resources are committed to maintaining essential services and providing new programs and services that address additional unmet needs in our local communities.

Catholic Charities is quite unique in the broad range of services provided by one organization.  We strive to take a comprehensive approach to stabilizing individuals and families in duress by intervening when needed most to address their financial, social, emotional and/or physical needs in order to regain stability and move forward with their lives.

Fundamental to our approach to service is our core belief that it is not just what we do – but how we do it.  Staff and volunteers do not just serve families – we embrace them.  It is our aspiration to provide help and create hope by whatever means possible.  We accept those we assist as our brothers and sisters who need some help right now – as all people do from time to time.

Our work is focused on person-in-environment – recognizing the tendency in society to place responsibility for one’s circumstances solely on the shoulders of those seeking services without regard for innumerable external factors including lack of opportunities, institutional failures, and social injustices that seriously impact those we serve.  Our work must start with the families’ current reality when they come to us – not start with where we or others think they should be.

And finally, our services are intended to be non-judgmental, highly relational, flexible, unconventional times, and focus on practical problem solving and empowerment.