BEFORE RETIREMENT, VIVIENNE WAS AN ADJUNCT PROFESSOR AT A LOCAL PUBLIC UNIVERSITY. She was a staunch believer in education as a path to a better life for all. However, in her retirement she found herself living with her son and daughter-in-law. When they asked her to leave and find her own place to live, she was heartbroken.

“Catholic Charities provided me with real help, not just a bandage. They game me the opportunity to start a new life after years of not having a place of my own.” ~Vivienne

After months of searching for a place she could afford, Vivienne resorted to sleeping in her car. For nine months she lived in her car. As a result, her arthritis dramatically worsened. With nowhere else to turn, she reached out to Catholic Charities. Throughout her life, Vivienne supported the homeless and the poor, and now she was in need of help. Catholic Charities was able to find her housing and paid for the first month to allow her get back on her feet.

Vivienne is now living independently and loves her new community. She walks daily on neighborhood hiking paths. Her arthritis has greatly improved since her nightmare full of the stress and poor living conditions of a homeless woman has ended. Unfortunately, Vivienne’s situation is not unique. Many people find themselves unable to depend on their education or retirement savings to support them. Vivienne continues to help homeless individuals in her area. She has a deep respect and understanding for those who are suffering and hopes to make a difference in the same way that others have made an impact in her life.

Catholic Charities is a valuable resource for seniors and other vulnerable people. Your support directly assists people and brings hope to their despair. Will you consider a one-time or monthly donation to change someone’s destiny?